Fakoy Corporation sees 30% year-on-year growth in 2022

FAKOY, a communications, marketing and sales support agency, closed 2022 with very good results in terms of turnover and team. The work carried out by the agency’s business divisions: Communication and Commercial Support, has allowed Fakoy to reinforce its leading position in the industrial sector over the last year.

The company has almost doubled in size since 2020, both in total revenues (+98%) and operating revenues (+91%) and EBITDA (+83%). These results have enabled Fakoy to invest in talent, structure and resources.

Most of the group’s turnover comes from the full management of the communication of large industrial corporations, as well as specific social media plans, press office, graphic design and commercial support through its own technology and specialised team.

The consultancy firm’s objective for 2023 is to continue to generate positive impact, as always, as well as to continue hiring and providing opportunities for people to grow and to try to double the size of the company again in the next three years, organically, by attracting new contracts, and inorganically, by acquiring companies that add value to our clients.

In short, 2023 looks set to be a year of great challenges at a global level, but also a great opportunity to continue to be leaders as an industrial communications agency.


About Fakoy Corporation

Fakoy Corporation provides communication, marketing and business support services with extensive industry knowledge and a multi-disciplinary approach to deliver innovative solutions that deliver real results.


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