[INFOGRAPHY ] What is Green Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the simplest chemical element, the first in the periodic table with atomic number 1. It is also lightweight, can be stored and generates no pollutant emissions of its own.
What it is not, is green. Neither green, nor any colour. Its name comes from its method of production, given that it is an element that rarely appears in nature on its own, having to be separated from other elements by a process called electrolysis. Green hydrogen is therefore hydrogen obtained through the use of renewable energies in its production, which makes it a clean, sustainable fuel with a zero pollution index that can be key not only as an energy vector, but also as a raw material.

Its potential

Its capacity to replace fossil fuels in those sectors and uses that until now have been most dependent on them, in addition to its potential as an energy storage system, is making green hydrogen one of the safest bets when it comes to achieving a more sustainable and decarbonised world.

Our involvement

At Fakoy, as a communications, marketing and commercial support agency specialising in the industrial sector, we provide support to six companies linked to the world of green hydrogen. A new era has begun!


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